Become a Reseller

Easy Dropshipping

We send directly to your customer on your behalf, so there is no need to hold any stock.
No inventory means No headaches!
We will not send the invoice with the products.


Promotional Material

We will supply you with all the promotional and marketing material you need,
to let your customers know you are a certified
Australian Reseller of So Danca.


We will send you warm leads and customers

If we receive an enquiry from a potential customer in your area,
we will send them to you to make the sale.
You get the commission, we send the goods!


Drop Shipping


We will send the bought items directly to your customer

  • We send the products you sell directly to the customer, on your behalf
  • You wont need to hold stock


We will not send the invoice with the products.

  • We wont send an invoice in the parcel, we’ll email you one instead!


Complete discretion

  • We will not approach your customers, except by written permission from you.


How it works


Step 1  –   The customer places an order directly with you or your website.  The customer pays you the recommended retail price for the goods.  We recommend using a PayPal account to receive and send money.

Step 2  –   You then place an order with us, you pay the reseller price for the items, plus postage, and we will send the goods to your customer on your behalf.  You keep the profit and we do all the work.

Step 3  –  Once the products are packed and sent, we will contact you to let your customer know the items are sent, and the expected delivery time of the item.  We will not include any invoices or promotional material with the items.

Promotional Material and Training


Once your reseller status is approved, you will be supplied with


  • printable posters
  • catalogues
  • and other promotional material

Downloadable Catalogues

Promotional Posters

Top Quality Brand

Become a Reseller, it only takes a few minutes to apply.

All resellers are required to have an ABN.

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